Early this week, because I wanted to get it out of the way before I nuke the VPS where this lives…. On to the show…. Discussion of what to do for episode 100. Mohican Sun. Chris and Robbie are going to plug the Mohican Sun show and WNBA game this weekend. A lot of Connecticut… Continue reading 93


Another year I remember pretty well, and the model year of my first vehicle…. Mike’s birthday, and he culturally-appropriated Stevie Wonder for the Happy Birthday song. He drove a car at the Super Bowl, which is more evidence that he’s not really blind. (And, Chris, people don’t feel sorry for you, when you’re visually-impaired, and… Continue reading 92


And look who’s burnin;. Chris might be autistic, might be planning to take a test to get disability or something. (Really, though, it’s not all that it’s cracked=up to be…) Chirs is headlining a show in CT with Robbie The Fire on 5/14. Frank made good on his smoke-a-thon try. Excuse up front about the… Continue reading 91


Back to writing on Saturday. I could have probably done it yesterday, but I was busy trying to listen to an audiobook recommended for me. So. I’m back at again… Nice long gap there, stalwart producer…. The Connecticut Sun players are scary for the hosts. The WNBA season is longer than it needs to be.… Continue reading 90


Episode, and AOC’s year of birth. Some of us remember the Wall falling that year, and the stuff going in Beijing back then…. Weed smoking challenge is still unfulfilled. Frank falls down on the job. (I’ve never smoked weed; part of being a kid who grew up with DARE in school.) Mikey really can’t do… Continue reading 89


Apologies that 86 and 87 got 86’d. I was away at a conference, then busy as hell with work. On to this week’s…. Chris likes doing the show on Sunday night.  Day drinking is fun.  Chris described his NOLA trip. No coffee there after 1p. (Cafe du Monde sells pretty much all the time) Pork… Continue reading 88


A bunch of this was written while I was at the doc. Apologies for issues. Chris has an MSG headache from the new, slow, Chinese joint.  Mike is the best wedding guest of all time. Lots of finger guns.  Mikey might have been an afterthought invite.  Mikey is wingman4wedding.com Mikey could not get me on… Continue reading 85


I’m late on this. Just like Mike’s column. Imagine a decoder ring like the one from A Christmas Story for Ovaltine that’d end. NYC vax stuff is over. People really haven’t been checking vax cards all that well. (I can relate to this where I just had a picture of my card on my phone….the… Continue reading 84


Pray for the folks in the Goonlauge. Mikey claims he finished the first column, but can’t find it. And, sorry, disruptions all around. Figuring out something for an acquaintance on Twitter, sleep, then dentist and COVID booster. Ugh. Back at again… The third column’s topic is still to be determined. Mike is going skiing, so… Continue reading 83


Issues getting started in the other studio, now they’re recording some place strange. (Late getting this listened and written this week, too, because, well, work and news.) Mikey didn’t have his syndicated column ready again. He missed the deadline on a column about procrastination. Justin Silver tried to force a lie. (Sorta like the lie… Continue reading 82