Fall allergies in NYC. Connecticut Sun, “The Goon Squad” lost the WNBA championship, and got tiny trophies. The tiny trophies might be to make the players look bigger. The WNBA trophy is eventually going to shrink so much that it’s a black hole, which will attract everything. Mikey got held up at knife-point because of… Continue reading 112


Ep starts with Chris cracking his White Claw. Mike was watching Football. Detroit Lions players should live in Detroit. (What about Grosse Pointe?) Chris still doesn’t think the players live in Detroit. (If I was playing pro football, I’d totally live in Detroit….you can find some sweet houses for not very much money.) Mike had… Continue reading 111


Michael is feeling more stalwart than normal, and wishes he could be at Legion of Skanks. A fan sent better clips to Chris than Mikey normally does. Discussion of scheduling. (Which is racist, right?) The Goonsquad made the WNBA. The Connecticut Sun are in the finals, and it’s not finished yet. Chirs believes the WNBA… Continue reading 110


Recorded on Labor Day because it’s a non-union gig. Chris and Mike have a friend in LIC who’s a butt doctor. Butt doctor likes to play poker. Imagine a MEN AT WORK sign hanging from your penis. The Poker game has lasted like three days. Long discussion of Spike Lee movies. Mikey strongly recommends Bamboozled.… Continue reading 109


Clown College Sober Mike is more stalwart than ever for this show; loyal, reliable, and hard-working. He shows it by borrowing his girlfriend’s car to go to a Connecticut Sun game. The Lord was not invited to the WNBA game. The Holy Spirit really doesn’t do anything. Mike provided his description of the post-resurrection period.… Continue reading 108


Chris and Mike are stalwart as ever. Mike isn’t sleeping well because he quit vaping. Mike doesn’t want to do drugs because he thinks they’d make him want to vape. Chris is in Rochester tonight. Cigarettes are getting popular with teenagers again because vaping’s kinda gay. I’m just barely not old enough to smoke a… Continue reading 107


Slightly dleayed this week. Still kind of recovering from the fun of seeing Chris and Robbie in Arlington last night. It was a bit of a stop on the Summer Porch Tour route…but it was in a bar. I’d assumed they were going to be on the roof of this place, but no. Again, shows… Continue reading 106


I say that because there were two episodes. The first part released on the normal time is an interview with Phillip K. Howard. (I find his takes pretty sound, but I’d prefer to just have all laws, and the rules/regulations tied to those laws, all expire after a fixed period of time. Like the original… Continue reading 105s


If it was a temperature expressed in Fahrenheit, it’s really hot. Chris and Robbie are playing Vegas tonight. Need to get tix to the show in Arlington. Chris views making a lady cry during a show as the highlight of his career. Ghengats Khan is in the ancestry of a third of Asians. Some Woman… Continue reading 104


(Apologies if this is a bit disjointed; I was out-of-town when I started writing it…) They’re back in the studio for the first time in a long time. Discussions of Cape May, which is in New Jersey. Discussion what a cape is geologically. Cape goes to a discussion of bathroom activities. Chris is going out… Continue reading 103