Pre-review note: Looking to offload this. Domain, content, everything. I’m really redirecting my attentions. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t be listening — I will, but I need to change directions. Email me if you’re interested. Mikey doesn’t have any old business, but Chris wants to talk about a Rooster that killed someone. If a… Continue reading 131


Chris crashed his bike on CBD during “Dry January,” but that’s in the past, so he’s onto a Chilada. Everything is better with a bit of clam. A box munch and a pint of ice cream is a great Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend/wife/teacher. Mikey is back to analyzing MMA. Analysis of the “Shoey.”… Continue reading 130


It’s Saturday, so I have time to listen and write. You could say I’m back at again… Chris is more confident that he can beat Connor MacGregor than an alligator. Talk about Rob Riggle on FOX NFL Sunday, where he’s not been for a while. Chris thinks many NFL games aren’t very good. They’re looking… Continue reading 129


(Apologies in advance; I accidentallied the position trying to paulse one time, so some of this is out of order…) Chris was excited by the end of “Dry January.” The cannabis mocktail was mocking him. (I don’t think I’d do dry January. I’ve had to go “cold turkey” for medical reasons, and it sucked. Why… Continue reading 125


Yeah, I missed last week. I did listen, but I was busy doing Shmoocon write-ups on videos I was watching remotely. I wouldn’t have enjoyed that as much in person, probably, wearing a face diaper. Anyway, onto this week’s ep…. Mike is bigtime Chazz Palminteri fan. Nobody remembers Chazz Palminteri from The Usual Suspects “Giving… Continue reading 127


Stalwart producer confused the host by turning his headphones way down. Russian butt-slapping championships. Woman-on-woman violence. You’d think it’s from Brazil, but it’s actually Russia. The drunken Marxist is back in charge in Brazil. People are rioting, and there was a takeover of government facilities like January 6th without the Viking helmets. (I should see… Continue reading 125


Chris is trying “dry January.” This isn’t the first time he’s quit drinking. This year Chris probably had a hundred beers on New Year’s Eve. 31 whole days without a beer. (No, I won’t be doing that. The gin martini I had with a steak last night was very satisfying.) Only 69 calories in a… Continue reading 124


As easy as a holiday bonus show. Recorded the day after Chrismas. We needed holidays in the days before cell phones. Times Square is going to be open for the first time in years. Chris loves us all, and appreciates that we listen. Tension comes from recording in Studio B of GaS Digital. Sharing your… Continue reading 123


So Old It’s Public Domain. (Hey, I resemble that remark, but I figured I’d knock this out before Christmas Eve Football Speaking of that, the Saints are playing in a snowy Cleveland today. And I should email my friend from Cleveland to say Merry Christmas….) Mike is a bit of an audio engineer, and isn’t… Continue reading 122


Mike is stalwart as ever, and has a phone this week. Mike has a fight against a gay bear. If you are a goon, you have a burner, not a real phone. Mike subscribed to Notes of a Goon on a bunch of display iPhones. There’s a variety of ways to do that, but I… Continue reading 121