Stalwart producer confused the host by turning his headphones way down. Russian butt-slapping championships. Woman-on-woman violence. You’d think it’s from Brazil, but it’s actually Russia. The drunken Marxist is back in charge in Brazil. People are rioting, and there was a takeover of government facilities like January 6th without the Viking helmets. (I should see… Continue reading 125


Chris is trying “dry January.” This isn’t the first time he’s quit drinking. This year Chris probably had a hundred beers on New Year’s Eve. 31 whole days without a beer. (No, I won’t be doing that. The gin martini I had with a steak last night was very satisfying.) Only 69 calories in a… Continue reading 124


As easy as a holiday bonus show. Recorded the day after Chrismas. We needed holidays in the days before cell phones. Times Square is going to be open for the first time in years. Chris loves us all, and appreciates that we listen. Tension comes from recording in Studio B of GaS Digital. Sharing your… Continue reading 123


So Old It’s Public Domain. (Hey, I resemble that remark, but I figured I’d knock this out before Christmas Eve Football Speaking of that, the Saints are playing in a snowy Cleveland today. And I should email my friend from Cleveland to say Merry Christmas….) Mike is a bit of an audio engineer, and isn’t… Continue reading 122


Mike is stalwart as ever, and has a phone this week. Mike has a fight against a gay bear. If you are a goon, you have a burner, not a real phone. Mike subscribed to Notes of a Goon on a bunch of display iPhones. There’s a variety of ways to do that, but I… Continue reading 121


Chris thinks it’s ep. 110. There should a monthly chickenshit bingo in NYC. This is a game where people put chickens in a box with a Bingo card at the bottom. Wherever the chickens shit, is the ball pulled. Rastas don’t eat meat because of the flavors caught up in their mustasches. Chickenshit bingo would… Continue reading 120


Chris has a bone to pick with Mike over a booking on the Kill Tony podcast. Mike relays awkward situations from his past. Deshaun Watson is back this week for the Goon Squad. Maybe he’s limited now to make massuses. Chris doesn’t like being rubbed by a man in front of fifty people. Mike has… Continue reading 139


Stalwart producer’s mic is not working at the start of the show. Popped in with Mike saying it’s going to be a great show. Mikey isn’t back at again. The missing show had a bunch of great stuff about Chris’s trip to Austin. Chris, Robbie, and Jersey Dave are going to be playing in Poughkeepsie… Continue reading 118


Apologies for the late arrival on this one, too. Things were more than a little chaotic for me in my trip out of town. But it’s saturday, and I’m back at again. Solo episode of Chris from Texas. There is a burgeoning comedy scene in Austin. (I’m open to going to Texas; my wife is… Continue reading 117


I’d wanted to write this on the train, but I’m getting to it now. Discussion of couples on Halloween. So many moths of things coming pu. (this is why I write every day every November.) Lezzo looks like Barney The Dinosaur. Disucssions of the lighting being screwed up in Studio B. Who just wears a… Continue reading 116