Ep. 75: Don’t Skip The Füm Ad

Apologies for the late drop on this one. Busy times with the end of the fantasy football seasons.

So, on to the episode….

The stalwart producer doesn’t like Chris’s new nickname — “Mike, I like it.” But you can always email him at mikey@backatagain.com.

There’s a problem with folks in their early forties. (Don’t I know it….)

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) can be used for long COVID

People are over COVID

KIds can’t handle being blamed for COVID (Talking about things being closed because adults are scared of getting COVID from kids.)

A big discussion of the “number lines” on desks in school. Being one of those problematic forty-somethings, I don’t remember those.

Massive wealth disparity with home learning. (Poor kids don’t have the equipment to do the fancy electronic learning.)

There was a long discussion of the movie “Brick.”  (I as a forty-something, older than Mikey, don’t remember anything about that movie; never heard of it.)

Discussion of Federal disability. As someone who probably qualifies from SSDI, I’ll tell you a few things. First, Federal disability approval normally takes years. Next, the handicapped placards aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Often, you’ll find that those spaces are occupied, and it’s a pain if you’re worried about hanging it from the mirror, don’t have license plates. (I stopped driving because I couldn’t see a red light with a green tree behind it. Scarily enough, I probably do see well enough to drive, even though I can’t read any of the signs.)

There’s nudes of Betty White out there on the Internets. (I don’t care enough to test my DDG skills to go look.)

The average person thinks about January 6th a lot less than he/she/they think about COVID.

Mikey claims, without evidence, that lots of people care about Jan. 6th.

Bill Simmons fancies himself as the next Keith Olbernann.

There’s a lack of diversity at GaS Digital.

Coups are elegant in Assassin’s Creed. 

Rittenhouse’s acquittal fucked with some people’s minds.

The People magazine story (about her forthcoming 100th birthday) killed Betty White.

Or she could have died just because she was 99. 

AOC was in Miami like Ted “Zodiac” was in Cancun.

AOC’s boyfriend wears MAN-dals.

AOC videos crewing out the soulless ginger dropout have been removed from the totes-didn’t-used-to-do-evil video site.

AOC is politics hot. (I, personally, kinda had a thing for Senator Gillibrand a few years ago; not sure why.)

COVID tests are a pain. Chris had trouble getting out of Soviet Canuckistan because he was having trouble finding the required test to prove he didn’t have The COVID to get back into the US. Then they didn’t check the test results he went through hell to find.  

A guy defected to Best Korea because they don’t have COVID there. 

You can’t renounce your citizenship now. So you might end up in the Goonlauge

BlueChew might have been on an old episode of Shark Tank. (When you order, use promo code “GOON.” I don’t know about that, personally, because I get the pills free as a part of health insurance.)

Sharks are suckers for big tits

The sharks were trying to smash the chick from You Smell Soaps.

I think they were talking about this woman.

Mr. Wonderful wanted the chick from Litter.

Füm helps fight long COVID

AB has been acting erratically since a nasty hitChris Borland retiring after one year

Podcast compound coming to Toledo

Madden came out with the Turduckhen

Mikey has the EA pass so he can play old games 

Wad of words about NFL as a plantation. 

Patton Oswalt and Dave Chapelle. — Chapelle should plan his future events around Oswalt’s

You have to be a sad individual to do an outdoor show in winter.  (Though the train ride to NYC is probably easier than Toledo, I really don’t want to go to Toledo. Ever.)

Dudes are friends with more dudes. (So they go to shows together.)

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