If it was a temperature expressed in Fahrenheit, it’s really hot.

Chris and Robbie are playing Vegas tonight.

Need to get tix to the show in Arlington.

Chris views making a lady cry during a show as the highlight of his career.

Ghengats Khan is in the ancestry of a third of Asians.

Some Woman disrupted a show earlier last week. (I don’t know why I originally wrote “Florida Woman.” This was in Brooklyn….)

Men manipulate women.

Which is why she shat on three comics’ shows.

Her friend tried to tell Chris that he was a bad guy for making her cry.

Ultimate speculation was that she was probably mad at her ex-boyfriend. (He took all her pills when he left….)

Mike forgot the drop that Chris had pitched.

All signs point to the fact that Mike made drops for this week’s show.

Discussion of wrestling. (I’m lost….I really stopped paying attention in about 1988. But when I worked in TV, UHF-style, I know that we’d get all sorts of angry calls whenever wrestling was preempted.)

Undertaker is on Cameo; why is Mikey not?

If Monkeypox is payback for being gay, colon cancer is payback for not being gay enough. (RIP, Dad…)

Chris didn’t get Mike’s joke about AIDS.

Mike gets ornery when he has to read the news. So does ever4ybody else.

News alert: all the police in a town in North Carolina quit after a new city official came aboard. CNN was trying hard to find a race issue, but the races are teh same (Black).

Most people don’t read beyond the headline.

Mikey thinks that Southern White Women instinctively fear black men.

There were probably less than 50 cops in the town of 1500 people. (Maybe everything you need to know about North Carolina cops can be found here.)

The cops weren’t necessarily racist, they were just corruipt.

Cops are Crips. (They wear blue)

Will Smith sort of tried to apologize to Chris Rock.

Netflix’s comedy special fees comes from their ad budget.

Netflix knows what they’re doing.

Will Smith has had everything he’s ever wanted. (He is far removed from struggled.)

Will Smith wants to apologize to Chris Rock, but Chris won’t take his call. So Will apologized to his mom.

The Will Smith apology was almost as weird as the Obama-Bruce Springsteen podcast.

Disappointing people is Will Smith’s central trauma.

It sounds like Will Smith had a robot record that speech for him.

If you hang on, you and Will Smith will be friends again.

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan caused World War III for the twentieth time this year.

Ohw Whats Up

Paul Pelosi has never made a stock choice based on insider knowledge from his wife.

If Nancy Pelosi is the cause of World War III, that is the ultimate Karen move. (Yes, I’d imagine it’d be greeted fondly on Nextdoor.com)

The Prime Minister of the Republic of China (China) called himself Chinese.

Chris and Mike are into Karine Jean Pierre (she’s a lesbian, y’all)

Still unclear whether Bronx Johnnie is running against AOC.

MTG said last week that the Republican Party should become the party of Christian Nationalists.

It probably isn’t a good idea to identify as a nationalist. (MTG is more suspect because she’s a Crossfit instructor…)

Mike thinks the Nazis made the trains run on time. (No, I’m pretty sure that was Mussolini….the first real fascist…)

Hitler might have tried to find the Spear of Destiny.

You can learn something from comics.

Anybody who posts a thousand words in a Facebook update is crazier than a Nazi.

PG&E might have caused more wildfires in California.

One of the PG&E guys is a Rothschild.

There were people who thought that electric transformer fires were lasers. (There was one near one of the transmitter sites of the radio group I used to work for. Though I lived probably about five miles away, I could see it glowing.)

MTG is the crazy white lady to balance out the craziness in Congress.

Discussion of new hot hispanic chick in Congress. (I’m guessing they’re talking about Mayra Flores…who, IMO, is waaaay more attractive than AOC.)

Kevin Smith did a whole special on what a piece of shit Bruce Willis is.

Chris won’t vote for MTG because she’s against the Jewish Space Laser.

Yes, Mikey, there’s a difference between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Afghanistan has never lost a war. (Except the NATO invasion in 2001…)

Atlanta cancelled the Fusion Festival because they couldn’t ban guns.

There is an Afghanistan Music Festival. It was virtual in 2021.

Biden stopped the war in Afghanistan. (Let’s just ignore the fact that he delayed the withdrawal because he wanted it on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 instead of in May, which is what Trump had originally agreed to do…)

It’d be a real tragedy if the Al-Qaeda guy getting killed hurts the Afghan tourism industry.

A reporter in Alabamastan was barred from an execution because her skirt was too short.

It’s probably too late for me to get to Vegas to see the show.