I say that because there were two episodes. The first part released on the normal time is an interview with Phillip K. Howard. (I find his takes pretty sound, but I’d prefer to just have all laws, and the rules/regulations tied to those laws, all expire after a fixed period of time. Like the original “Assault Weapons Ban,” and the “Bush Tax Cuts.” Expire that shit. Make Congress and the bureaucrats write new shit.)

Interesting interview. He’s much more white-pilled than I about what government can do.

On to 105B….

Chris says that they don’t have a Patreon. (I might say that that’s not a bad thing, given that that company is a fucking scam. I really don’t like Owen Benjamin, but fuck them forever for what they did to him….If the stalwart producer is reading, I would probably pay OnLocals.)

Chirs feels weird about borrowing his Uncle’s car to go to a wedding. (Protip, Chris, see if you can do Lyft/Uber….)

Chris will beat the shit out of God.

Mike doesn’t take financial help from his family now that he’s making $4mil./yr. as a comedy booker.

Mike’s mom bought him sneakers.

A Chevrolet Spark will cost you about five hundred bucks for a weekend now.

Chris and Robbie were shooting a semi-auto shotgun.

Country music and Irish Folk music are the same because they’re music you listen to when you’re drunk.

The city took Mikey’s Mercedes because of outstanding parking tickets.

It is political suicide to side with MTG on anything.

The person who walks into a Congressman’s office to share a piece of his/her mind is crazier than MTG. (MTG teaches CrossFit, which should tell you everything you need to know about her.)

Representatives in Congress don’t govern, they legislate.

RON PAUL is the most controversial Congressman in history.

Chris kind of admires the job MTG’s done in Congress. This is even more true when you consider that she’s not on any committees.

People should be shitting for MTG for being crazy, not her Congressional performance.

Chris doesn’t want to alternate his gender, but if you need an alternator, you can get it from RockAuto.com.

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is 4-D chess.

When China invades Taiwan, nVidia is going to go up.

Nancy tried to start World War III to make some money. (I seem to remember Nancy’s daughter being pretty hot back in the day….)

Description of how to get high on shrooms. (This is oddly interesting to me….but I can’t because works, etc..)

It’s important to be on the same page as the person you do mushrooms with.

A listener sent Chris a long thing on lactating men.

A tow driver pulled a knife on Mikey last week for being parked too closely.

Go see Chris and Zach(k/ck?) in Rochester.