Chris and Mike are stalwart as ever.

Mike isn’t sleeping well because he quit vaping.

Mike doesn’t want to do drugs because he thinks they’d make him want to vape.

Chris is in Rochester tonight.

Cigarettes are getting popular with teenagers again because vaping’s kinda gay.

I’m just barely not old enough to smoke a cigar outside of a comedy club.

Discussion of how it’s inevitable that MCU will start poaching GaS Digital talent. (Aside — I’ve never seen any of these movies. I”m tempted to start, but I just hasven’t found the motivation. So many podcasts to consume. But it looks like I should start with Iron Man, and go from there…)

Mike is worried about people getting typecast based on early roles. (Old guy thought, Tom Hanks using a mixer to torture Tawny Kitean in Bachelor Party.)

If your name was just Buchanan, that’d be pretty sick. But the UFC guy they’re talking about is Bowman.

The UFC guy has his own NFT.

“NFTFC” could be about Fried Chicken, too.

If you’re only living off fried chicken, you’re probably malnourished.

Nobody cares about the NY pro soccer team because they play in New Jersey. (So explain Jets fans, please?)
Donald Trump didn’t back up Britney Greiner. BG can dunk, which makes her exceptional.

Wednesday is a do-or-die game for the Connecticut Sun.

Dennis Rodman is going to get BG back.

Anything can happen, Mike.

White House doesn’t approve of Rodman’s trip to free Greiner.

The war in Ukraine and Monekypox are making things bad for sex tourism.

Michael Jordan was more the president than Bill Clinton during the three-peat years.

Joe Biden still thinks it’s 1993.

Russians buy sneakers, too.

In Russia, they’re turning former US-owned chains into Russian copycat brands.

Cool Cola is clearly Pepsi. (But not Crystal Pepsi.)

The Soviets built fake supermarkets to make people think that there were going to be better supermarkets after the transition to Communism.

If you have the wrong number of stripes on your pants, you’ll die like Michael Jordan’s dad.

If you buy something from Rock Auto, tell them Notes of a Goon sent you. (I was very satisfied with the parts I bought from them for my old Jeep back when I could still drive.)

Chris is very NIMB-y when it comes to Mississippians in his back yard.

Eric Adams is a baller, and the New York Times is hating on him for it.

Curtis Sliwq is a crazy person, but he has kitties. (I would cast aspersions on cat-lovers, but if someone saw the little dog next to me….)

Discussions of which muppets bred to make Bill DeBlasio.

Ed Koch was the only clean mayor Chris can remember. And he might have been gay.

A gay guy saved Gerald Ford’s life.

Turns out the guy who took out Squawky Fromme was gay.

Chris saw a woman getting head from another woman on the road.

Automakers are misogynists.

Race Horse thinks “monkeypox” is racist.

Activism before 2018 really doesn’t matter.

The CDC is taking suggestions for new names for monkeypox.

The new name should be Poxy McPoxface.

Cheetapox might be a better name.

These are just extra nipples.

Chris and Race Horse have been friends for many years, but RH is a bit too woke these days.

Fauci successfully beat AIDS and COVID. (But now he’s retiring)

Chris wants to move to Cleveland after seeing a photo. (I should email my friend from Cleveland who emailed me back.)

Has there ever been a good Hispanic rapper? (What about Gerado?)

As long as you don’t go RT, you’re good.

If you’re trying to exonerate yourself from wrongdoing, hang out with PacMan Jones.

Stalwart producer double-booked a Sunday comedy show; how ies he making a quarter-million dollars per year?

Brian Kemp listens to every episode.

Mike is taken with Sienna Hubert-Ross, who’s supposed to play a show at BKLYN.

Discussion of some of her IG photos.

Mike is hurting the chances of getting a terrestrial radio show, and is vaping in the studio.

Mikey and The Goon talk on too many platforms.

Last part of the show is an interview Chris did with Dr. Martin Rooke.