Clown College Sober

Mike is more stalwart than ever for this show; loyal, reliable, and hard-working.

He shows it by borrowing his girlfriend’s car to go to a Connecticut Sun game.

The Lord was not invited to the WNBA game.

The Holy Spirit really doesn’t do anything.

Mike provided his description of the post-resurrection period.

Nobody’s busy Sunday at 1p.

Dunks in the WNBA are less-frequent crashes in NASCAR.

If the rapture happens, Big Jay for President.

Discussion of Joey Bideness’s student loan forgiveness.

Chris didn’t take a PPP Loan because he thought it was a scam.

The richest biggest assholes in the country got the PPP loans.

Chris claims Mike twice as a defendant twice on his taxes because Mike got fat.

Adjusted for inflation, college graduates make less now than they did in the 1970s.

There’s college graduates who are leaving behind their degrees to work in other fields. (I ended up working in radio for several more years after college and ended up in IT full-time. I stopped doing radio stuff to earn some big bucks for a couple of years to save up some money, take the LSAT, and go to law school. Just over a year into this, I noticed the girl with a shy smile and pretty eyes. She was dating an acquaintance of mine. After he dumped her, I ended up helping her with her physics homework. We’re approaching twenty years tougher. Go figure.)

Mike doesn’t drink alcohol, which means he’s California sober.

That they lowered the percent of income you have to repay might help.

The loan forgiveness is something for suburban white women.

Chris’s brother got a grant to go to college for being a disabled Italian; all Italians are disabled.

People don’t go to Community College to get ahead.

If you’re over 22, just lie about the college where you went; just lie on your resume. Nobody’s not cheking.

Kevin Sorbo is a right-wing Christian shill.

There are people choosing not to take student loan forgiveness?

The US has the most college graduates per-capita. Many of those are people who went to camp to party for four years.

There was a guy who killed a delivery driver over getting shorted duck sauce.

French fries are just a vehicle for ketchup. (But not catsup.)

Information about Glenn Hirsch, the duck sauce killer.

The Queens DA’s office is ethically-challenged.

He might have been terrified of COVID given his attire of rubber gloves when he killed himself.

Chris wants a cartoonish amount of sauce on his takeout.

The guy who got shot is the real victim in all of this.

Discussion of Gay Ninja attacks from 2001.

There should be a website where you can get any New York Post headline on a T-Shirt.

Mike spent time tracking down the gay ninja.

DJ Gay Sauce is making a living.

The Gay Ninja prayed the gays to his blade.

Catholic Charities hired a guy to simulate a mass shooting.

Nobody had told the police that this drill was going to take place.

The guy who did the drill greatly misrepresented his experience. (Chris, he took your advice and lied on his resume…)

The guy who did the drill is a security guard at Offut AFB.

Mike found the guy’s LinkedIn page.

Mikey needs a board with faders to balance his audio.

Whoever hired a sex offender to do this exercise shoudl be fired.

Chris doesn’t want to eat worm burgers.

Mike is watching a lot of FOX News when Chris isn’t around.

The story was posted by Cernovich. (He blocked me when I asked a question about something that was happening in DC around the time of George Floyd….if I wanna read his stuff, I can look other ways, but I don’t pay much attention anymore….)

Cernovich buys something via Credit Card once an hour to establish location record.

The Trump campaign didn’t want Ashley Biden’s diary.

Mike is pretty sure that any presidential daughter who ends up in rehab has to be pretty hot. (I seem to remember Patty Davis on a magazine cover back in the day….not sure if she was ever in rehab, though.)

Ashley Biden went to Tulane. (Being in NOLA, that makes it a party school.)

Chris thinks she should have f’d some Quaker girls in the neighboring high school.

The Holy Spirit comes up into people, makes them do crazy shit.

Discussion of Quakers. (Richard Nixon was a Quaker if that says anything…)

Chris found his information about Quakers from Reddit, which means it’s all true, and, yes, he’s the asshole.

Ashely Biden was DTF in her diary. (Isn’t “DTF” a Jersey think, Chris?)

People showered with their parents back in the day.

The amount of people who believe they have trauma they don’t have his through the roof.

Joe Biden was never on Epstein’s plane.

Favorite new conspiracy theory — Trump was working with Epstein to have people fuck underage chicks to use as blackmail.

Next week’s Ask-the-Goon is about race relations.

Alex and Mike have a show on GaS Digital. (I can’t find it. I think I listened to a few of Alex’s Broad Topix, but couldn’t really get into it.)