Recorded on Labor Day because it’s a non-union gig.

Chris and Mike have a friend in LIC who’s a butt doctor. Butt doctor likes to play poker.

Imagine a MEN AT WORK sign hanging from your penis.

The Poker game has lasted like three days.

Long discussion of Spike Lee movies.

Mikey strongly recommends Bamboozled.

Three white guys watching Bamboozled would be a great way to start Black History Month.

The trip to see the Connecticut Sun didn’t happen, and the Goon Squad lost.

Looks like the Goon Squad actually are now in the WNBA finals.

Britney Greiner has a lot more Twitter followers than Michael Jordan Jr.

Donovan Mitchell, who was just traded to the Cavaliers has more followers.

David Hogg has fewer IG followers. (I only put IG back on my phone after Apple took some steps to keep Meta from stealing data…)

Women’s MMA works because it’s just two women fighting.; everybody likes seeing women fight.

Discussion of SpikeTV. (I didn’t watch it; I was working, spending time with my future wife…)

A year is enough time to turn around a failing women’s basketball operation.

Discussion of SLarsa Pippen. Scottie Pippin’s son has more followers than Britney Greiner.

Rapper Future fucked Larsa Pippen, which is an all-time cuck. (I really haven’t gotten the whole cucking thing down…)

Trophy Room Store has almost as many IG followers as Britney Griner.

Bill Maher is failing up.

Scottie Pippen to Future is a downgrade.

Future has more IG followers than Scottie Pippen.

(My little dog made an interesting look while Chris was doing a Beer Run spot for YoDelta.com. Use GaS as the promocode.)

Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana. If he’d used promo code “GaS,” he would have gotten money off.

They’re having raves in Kyiv.

The heavyweight champ left the front lines in Ukraine to box.

If you’re of moshing age, you should be ducking bullets.

Mike wants to buy a Zelinsky lego.

We’ve spent more in Ukraine than we did in the first few years of hte Afghanistan war.

Chris has been spending a lot of time lately listening to the NeoHippies’ talking points on the war in Ukraine. Russia is totally not retreating.

Ronald Reagan put in the 21 year-old drinking age as a gift to the banks. Interesting theory, but the idea is wrong with the student loans all being from the Federal Government after Obamacare. (I think the highest semester charge I had before 2002 was somehting like $3500.)

Raising the drinking age to 21 was a grift. Raising the voting age to 18 was a grift.

More discussion of the age for things. (I think it should be seventeen for everything….vote, drink, drive, enter into contracts, rent a car, etc.)

Oklahoma used to have 3.75% beer for women at eighteen, but it was 21 for the men.

Oklahoma is the creepiest place of all time.

Oklahoma invented ladies’ night.

Even if you make the drinking age eighteen, sluts are still going to go to ASU. (I actually did work on what became the freshman campus of ASU when I was in my mid-20s. I was in a serious relationship, so I wasn’t looking very much at the scenery…)

Discussion of what Trump had at Mar-A-Lago, and the Biden kids.

Mike reads the description of classification levels.

Trump’s day-to-day life is Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack.

Trump is a crazy narcissist. (Or a landlord from Queeens)

Biden’s address looked like a sequel to Starship Troopers.

Discussion of Tiffany Haddish sex tape with kids. (I have really no idea about her; this kinda dissuades me from lookin for her stuff…)

Chris hasn’t seen Tiffany Haddish, either. Mike saw her get booed off stage.

Mike needs to go on ADHD meds for the show.

Idea of Chris fixing race relations in the country. Race Horse is on-board with this.

Chris thinks there should be French Food Trucks.

Drug Sales should not replace Bake Sales to fund inner-city schools.

Review of Kanye’s school; Donda Academy.

White People and Black People should come together to find another race to make fun of.

Description of a robbery and car chase in the Upper East Side. For only $20,000. That doesn’t seem like enough money to justify the whole operation.

Mike thinks it was more than $20,000, but that’s how it was pitched as a cover for a more heinous act.

Maybe $20K is enough if you can tell the story when you’re old.