Michael is feeling more stalwart than normal, and wishes he could be at Legion of Skanks.

A fan sent better clips to Chris than Mikey normally does.

Discussion of scheduling. (Which is racist, right?)

The Goonsquad made the WNBA. The Connecticut Sun are in the finals, and it’s not finished yet.

Chirs believes the WNBA is the league of the future.

The games are outdrawing “Thursday Night Thunder” from the 90s. (Well, with Dave Smith as the LP nominee, he might return the vote total to 1992, also….)

Discussion of sponsoring a viewing of a WNBA game at a homeless shelter.

Furniture is a signal that your future is turning around. (Most of my furniture is whatever my wife picked out over years of marriage…)

Talking about mattresses and couches in the woods set aside for high school kids to have sex on. (There weren’t really any woods around where I went to high school, so it happened for me first in cars, then after our parents stopped snooping so much, at each other’s houses.)

Discussion of allegations of abuse in Yeshivas in NYC.

Mike thinks the American school system is there to indoctrinate people into loving America.

If they shut down the Hassidic schools, and put all the kids in public schools there’ll be Crown Heights Riots all the time. (I have only vague memories of reporting on these; I was in Germany, so it was whatever came across on ABC News for the nightly newscat. We got NBC’s Today Show in the morning, and CBS 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning on Sundays….I don’t remember how these were delayed because we were six hours ahead of the East Coast.)

Chris thinks that there’s a growing level of antisemitism, so the crackdown on these schools will probably be allowed to go forward.

There may be an impasse because the Hassidic kids won’t be vaccinated, which might cause an issue with them getting in to public schools.

Take of the twenty-first anniversary of 9/11.

Some shrews flew planes into buildings on 9/11 on order of George W. Bush.

Imagine of 9/11 had happened on Father’s Day.

The liver-eater probably taped the 9/11 video in July.

Chris would rather have Adolf Hitler on his show than Rudy Giuliani.

9/11 was the best of times, and the worst of times. Rudy got to grift for twenty years because of it.

Nobody liked Bloomberg, and he thought he could be President.

Bloomberg couldn’t be president because of his War on Soda.

Moms used to chainmail jokes over AOL.

The Taliban are doing great, and their schools are better since they kicked out the girls.

Mikey wants to call Afghanis “Afghiggers.”

The Taliban are always looking to do new things, but they can’t take care of the US helicopters left behind.

They don’t have pictures in Afghanistan anymore.

The National Defense University in Afghanistan looks like a prision.

The Afghanis were trying to fly the helicopter to the Freedom Tower.

Luis Gomez can eat more liver than the Liver King.

The Independent says that Ukraine has won the war.

Chris thinks the Russians are going to slip missiles to Russia for a massive stake before it gets cold. (Pay no mind to the fact that the Russians are down to buying things from the Norks because the Chinese won’t sell them anything.)

John Waters, the guy who invented Felching, is speaking out about it.

The US is sending old stuff, so there’ll have to be new weapons bought to replace what we gave them.

The European Union is also paying a lot because natural gas.

Europe is subprimal because of energy.

Inflation is an issue the media really isn’t paying attention to going into the midterms. (Nono. It’s the Dobbs decision, which is why the senate is delaying the vote on the compromise bill by Lady G, a guy who’s never needed to worry about it, until after the election.)

Rice Krispie Treats are a Chinese specialty.

Eric Adams wants NYC government to cut its budges 3% due to the recession. They need to cut spending because contracts are expiring in a few months.

The city is gonna smell like shit if they stop picking up the trash, the cops quit picking up the homelesss.

Homeless people might be better off if they just took what they’re spending on the Homeless Services and gave them directly to the Homeless.

The Federal Minimum Wage is less than half New York City’s.

They should ship homeless people to Buffalo.

There’s lots of jobs in/around Buffalo that NYC homeless could take.

There’s zero faults in Chris’s logic.

Legalized recreational weed is putting semi-official medical places out of business.

The black market farms are using human traffickers because they can’t legally employ people.

The weed dispensaries can’t pay that taxes in San Francisco.

Cracking down on medical marijuana growers is politically-unpopular.

People used to go to California to harvest weed before it was legalized for recreational use.

People are just going to buy weed on the black market.

Once parents found out they could buy weed, they just called their old weed dealer.

But weed from your local guy, not a dispensary.

A cop got fired for getting a lap dance at a Caribbean Day parade. That a cop gets fired for things that happen at this parade each year is good PR.

Talk about an overweight fighter, and negotiations on the reduction of his purse for being overweight. (I really can’t say that I understand this, but it sounds like there’s a bunch of money involved….)