Ep starts with Chris cracking his White Claw. Mike was watching Football.

Detroit Lions players should live in Detroit. (What about Grosse Pointe?)

Chris still doesn’t think the players live in Detroit. (If I was playing pro football, I’d totally live in Detroit….you can find some sweet houses for not very much money.)

Mike had a friend who got kicked out of the Marines after he’d lose to girls in high school westlying.

Women pick up fighting technique faster because they aren’t reying to muscle their way through things.

Mikey lost $50K on the Connecticut Sun game, then got fired. (So much for thost tix if I went to NYC….)

Can someone throw his weight around, and get Mikey’s cat back?

One of the Connecticut Sun coaches is a former Men’s coach, who changed her citizenship to Russia.

BugBye is the new new sign-off when you’re a monkey writing a bad review.

Mikey is not backatagain. (Had to turn it off for a minute to DM a bit with Mike about what’s going on w/ him, see if there’s any Cable News coverage of what’s going on in Iran, Russia, and China. All three governments are kinda teetering on the edge, and this isn’t because of zOMG US INTERVENTION!!!1!. But information out of all three places seems to be pretty sketchy at the moment, further illustrating wny there needs to be more government restrictions on the Internets….)

If you’re rich, and have an “Immigrants Welcome” in front of your mansion, you should house some of them in your spare bedroom(s).

There’s plenty of places on Marhta’s Vineyard to put 50 immigrants.

What DeSantis did is the opposite of the DHS definition of human trafficking.

The speaker upset about the people sent to Marth’s Vineyard used a Telemundo reporter as a prop.

The migrants were given a very simple map of the US to convince them to go to Marth’s Vineyards.

We should send the migrants to Canada.

If we had South American Lumberjacks, nobody would invade the US.

We should just take over Canada.

What’s this all aboot?

The Federal agencies refuse to do anything about immigration because it’s political suicide for Joe Biden.

If you have no facilities to provide services to migrants, how can you call yourself a sanctuary?

The people who provided the information were Federal Agents. (And USCIS is an agency of DHS…)

Why would anybody want to go to Tacoma, Washington?

Sending migrants to sanctuaries is something Southern Governors used to threaten, but never did.

“Mobiilze Your Cabinet” means a group chat in the Federal Government.

Marth’s Vineyard probably needs people to work, even if it’s the off-season.

For all we know, the people sent to Martha’s Vineyard were trying to get there from Venezuela.

Maybe these people can get jobs trimming weed. The indoor weed out of Maine looks better than the stuff coming out of California.

Discussion of a guy who tore up a McDonald’s wiht an axe because he was upset about getting dumped.

Maybe it’s because they Mayo’d up his McChicken.

With a hatchet as your sidearm, you’ve got more options than you have with a gun.

Hitting people with the back side of a hatchet is the pistol-whipping of axe-wielding.

It’s gauche to go out in a black wife-beater after Labor Day.

You gotta axe a question of a cute chick in McDonald’s.

Maybe this guy got pummeled by other patrons for talking to the hot chick.

Chris got hit on the head with a hammer on the corner outside that store ten years ago.

You need to be a criminal to be a cop.

Don’t be hanging out with punkass dudes without axes.

The guy who used the axe got jumped in Chicago a few weeks ago prompting him to buy the axe.

You can get whatever you need to fix your car, or your horse at Rockauto.com.

There’s dead bodies in Chris’s car.

Joe Biden has declared COVID over.

We all knew it’s over, but now he confirms what we’ve all known fro two years.

Remember the first time you heard your grandmother say, “shit?” (It’s been a long time since my Cajun granny died, but I really can’t remember her cursing that often. She’d talk about how she was confused by those of us in the family who didn’t have asses.)

Chris’s girlfriend got vaccinated, and still got pretty f’d-up from COVID.

If you’re wearing a cloth mask outside, Chris should be able to make fun of you unless you’re Asian.

Falling off boats just happens.

If the guy who got out of prison because of Serial had had an axe, he would have gotten out of prison after eighteen hours.

There were two revolutions in Russia in 1917.

Chris got put on hte spot by asking about how many revolutions there’d been in Russia.

Belgium has had three revolutions. (Stupid Flanders shouldn’t get to Brazil’s eight….)

Brazil’s flag has a globe because they’ve had so many revolutions.

Spain’s had many revolutions.

Chris is going to report back next week on revolutions, including Lictenstein.

Lichtenstein is bugged-out

Mikey is gonna be a father.

Everyone will fuck up as a parent, but Mike will be good because he’s enthusiastic.

Pitch for Mike doing UFC picks on a livestream. He’s really going to need the money with a kid on the way.

Go see Chirs, Robbie, et. al. in MDDR soon. (I would, but it’s too far….)