Fall allergies in NYC.

Connecticut Sun, “The Goon Squad” lost the WNBA championship, and got tiny trophies. The tiny trophies might be to make the players look bigger.

The WNBA trophy is eventually going to shrink so much that it’s a black hole, which will attract everything.

Mikey got held up at knife-point because of a gambling debt.

Chris has no vices.

Discussion of European PMs after the Italian woman won.

You can’t throw a cool party if you’re Scandinavian.

The Magic 8 ball has replaced the Race Horse.

Discussion of entomology of terms for lesbianism.

Italy might leave the EU….ExITaly.

PM Meloni has Tiffany Trump vibes.

Discussion of Nicole Minetti, who is attractive, but went to prison.

Chris is in his second term as a county committeeman, but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing.

Retelling of the country committee meeting evoked an American Pie 2 story from Mike. (I didn’t watch…)

The Republicans don’t have a County Committee.

People dress up to go to the Democrat County Committee meeting.

Chris has won as many county committee elections as Hillary has lost presidential elections.

Chris thinks he can beat the guy who’s the current state senator.

Mike is back working at GaS Digital on a few things, and has a few other things going on, including being Chris’s campaign manager.

Mike should apply at the British East India Company to support his family.

Chris got hooked on the Xi rumors from last weekend.

Edward Snowden is now a Russian citizen. Maybe they’ll draft him.

Putin can’t just quit on the Ukraine operation; being an autocratic dictator precludes that.

Putin can only watch Fast & Furious movies.

Wiz Kalifah is going to be what reduces gas prices.

Discussion of Scott Adams’s Fentanyl policy.

There’s some misinformation surrounding Fentanyl.

More people have died in the past year from Fentanyl than nukes.

It might be okay that hardcore drug users die from Fentanyl overdoses.

Scott Adams is a crazy man.

Recession historic Scott Adams tweets.

The French tried to abolish slavery in Africa.

BLM should do better due dilligence.

Gary Larson put out a couple of new Far Side cartoons in response to Trump. (You all forgot Berk Brethed.)

Fentanyl exists the way it does because of the War On Drugs.

Human composting is going to be legal in California.

Chris is going to turn himself into mushrooms for Mike to eat when he dies.

Mike misreads the Christian take on body disposal. (My old man is in a very small box at Arlington National Cemetery…..the Catholic Church was okay with that, and kept the urn in the sacristy for the few months it took for ANC to bury him….)

The amount of wasted space on cemeteries is crazy. (I want to be fired into the Sun, personally…..)

They’re running out of cemetery space in China.

Pitch for Mike’s UFC livestream.

Go see Chris, Robbie, etc. al. in MDDR tonight!