Notes of a gobba-goon. Italy always win the Olympics There aren’t a lot of bone-rattling sound effects. Lots of discussion about manufacture of psychedelic substances. Mikey thinks he can make acid. The Lithuanians and Poles are trying to back up Ukraine against Russia. All things that were Russia should be Russia again. Long discussion of… Continue reading 77


Apologies for the delay on getting this out on time. The same sorts of things that make finding the time to do this, and the associated nerve damage keeps me from needing the first product.  Mikey doesn’t understand how to make iced tea.  A quick DDG video search shows something like this. My grandmother used… Continue reading 76

Ep. 75: Don’t Skip The Füm Ad

Apologies for the late drop on this one. Busy times with the end of the fantasy football seasons. So, on to the episode…. The stalwart producer doesn’t like Chris’s new nickname — “Mike, I like it.” But you can always email him at mikey@backatagain.com. There’s a problem with folks in their early forties. (Don’t I… Continue reading Ep. 75: Don’t Skip The Füm Ad

Ep. 74

Chris has COVID, which should be impossible given the NYC and Canadian precautions to prevent it. Description of doing things differently than the “right way;” you’ll be happier. Mikey isn’t there again. You could blame COVID if that’s your thing. Plan some activities with your parents while they’re still alive. (I know all too well… Continue reading Ep. 74


Or Goonlog. Or Goonlogue. Whichever you’d prefer. This episode. I started writing this kind of stream-of-consciousness while listening. So, kind of going topic-by-topic….As an ardent podcast listener, I can wholeheartedly recommend Manscaped for transforming a bear into a bare. When it comes to the Olympics, the Soviets never hosted a Winter Olympics, but they probably… Continue reading Gounlaug

But Does Mikey Like It?

I’m finally getting around to getting things up-and-running with these domains. The title is in honor of this week’s episode. Doing nothing to dispel the unfounded rumors on the Internets that I’m a Boomer, this is what came to mind.


I registered this on a whim while listening to Notes Of A Goon. Please listen to them.